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Gardening is one of the most exciting and rewarding hobbies that you can do. There is nothing quite like the feeling of growing a range of fruit and veg from scratch: watching it grow as a result of your care, love and attention. When your plants finally bloom, and you are able to display them to a wider audience (or allow them to taste the fruits of the plant), you can bask in the glory of your achievements! One way of making this hobby more permanent, is to own a greenhouse. By doing so, you are providing a commitment to yourself, of growing a range of fruit and veg. However, greenhouses are not always the easiest building to manage. Starting your greenhouse from scratch poses a number of questions. Where should you install your greenhouse? In which direction should it be facing? What products should you grow? Who will look after your fruit and veg when you go on holiday?

Iclc India supply the answers to all of these questions and more! Our years of experience in greenhouse management places us in the perfect position, to accommodate all of your greenhouse needs. Our team of experts work closely with a number of greenhouse owners around the UK, ensuring that their greenhouse does exactly what they want it to.

What do we do?

When you log an enquiry with Iclc India, we send a representative to your home, to discuss your greenhouse requirements. This initial meeting is provided completely free of charge, and you will be under no obligation to sign an order with us. We love to meet greenhouse owners (or prospective greenhouse owners) as it gives us an idea of how much time you will be able to put you’re your greenhouse project when you go buy one online.

When we meet with you, we discuss the range of services that we can offer. These include:

Designing your greenhouse.

From how you plan to heat and insulate your greenhouse, to the direction that your greenhouse should be facing – Iclc India are happy to help you in the design process. We build each greenhouse from scratch – ensuring that each one is personally tailored to meet the requirements of its owner. No two greenhouses are ever the same, and so we do not offer a generic range of greenhouses as it should be the user who dictates what it looks like.

Installing your greenhouse.

When you have worked out what you want it to look like, we then need to discuss where your greenhouse will be located, and how big you want it to be. We measure the existing space you have available on your land, and calculate where you want each plant to grow. After this, we give you a quotation on how much it will cost to install your greenhouse, and this quotation is valid for an initial 30-day period. We cover all of the installation requirements, from ordering the materials, to physically installing the greenhouse.

Managing your greenhouse.

Iclc India are happy to manage as much of the greenhouse as you require. We will happily take care of the plants that you have, and oversee the growing of them from day one. If you would prefer to take care of this yourself, we are happy to act as ‘greenhouse consultants’ – advising you which plants will grow best in your greenhouse, and giving you instructions on how to water and feed them. One of our best-selling services, is our ‘holiday management’ product which gives you the opportunity to leave the greenhouse in safe hands whilst you are away (we will come in to feed and water your plants, and keep a general eye on things for you). During this time, we will send you photographs of the plants on a daily basis (if requested), so that you can keep an eye on any developments.

Whichever of our products you are interested in, we are flexible in what we supply. We can simply provide you with design tips if you want to do as much of the work for yourselves. After doing so, we will then follow up with you after 6 months, to see how you are doing. If you require assistance, we can take over the greenhouse management during any stage of the process. Whatever you require help with, Iclc India are here to help.

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